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SeaSpire's Principals are privileged to actively engage with an exceptionally seasoned group of senior advisors and special representatives. It is a global group. We are immensely strengthened by their involvement in specific situations, geographies and industries.   


William Lawton  //  Gregory Dyra  //  Michael Cannon  //  Tanya Marinka Des Alwi  //  Naiyer Imam, MD  //  David Jin, PhD


Tanya Marinka Des Alwi

Tanya Alwi is a specialist in community development, with vast networks in Indonesia, especially in the agricultural sector. 

Ms. Alwi serves as Head of International Partnerships for HKTI, the consortium of Indonesian farmers organizations.  Established in 1979, HKTI has over 50,000 members, with more than 40 offices across Indonesia.

A native of the Banda Islands, Ms. Alwi is also the Founder and Chairperson of the Banda Cultural and Heritage Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to restoring forts and old buildings in this fabled spice isle and developing its nutmeg plantations. The foundation also established a Marine and Fisheries College as part of its efforts to protect one of the richest coral reefs and deepest seas in the world.

Ms. Alwi served as Advisor on the Environment to the International Council of Women and is active in promoting awareness of climate change.

Ms. Alwi earned her BA at the San Francisco Art Institute and is a 2001 graduate of the prestigious Georgetown Leadership Seminar.

She was featured as Asia’s Eco warrior in Asiaweek magazine in 2001. She resides in Jakarta.


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