SeaSpire's Principals are privileged to actively engage with an exceptionally seasoned group of senior advisors and special representatives. It is a global group. We are immensely strengthened by their involvement in specific situations, geographies and industries.   


William Lawton  //  Gregory Dyra  //  Michael Cannon  //  Tanya Marinka Des Alwi  //  Naiyer Imam, MD  //  David Jin, PhD  


William Lawton

Mr. Lawton advises the SeaSpire team principally with respect to private investment opportunities in Asia and providing access to global capital through Seagate Global Capital, Ltd, Hong Kong. He is the founder and CEO of Seagate Global Group (, a private investment organization he founded in 1996 that is dedicated to producing consistently high returns while helping people and the planet. Mr. Lawton has over 30 years’ experience as an investment professional ... More>>

Gregory Dyra, CFA

Mr. Dyra advises the SeaSpire team principally on projects involving family businesses and ultra high net worth family office direct investments, as well as alternative asset investing, private equity, and hedge funds.

He is currently a senior financial advisor to members of an ultra high net worth family, and is the founder of the MidSouth Alternative Investment Association ( ... More>> 

Michael Cannon

Mr. Cannon has over 30 years’ experience as a corporate finance lawyer and financial executive providing legal and financial consulting services to entrepreneurial organizations. He advises the SeaSpire team on matters relating to global capital, the law, as well as entrepreneurship ... More>>

Tanya Marinka Des Alwi

Tanya Alwi is a specialist in community development, with vast networks in Indonesia, especially in the agricultural sector. 

Ms. Alwi serves as Head of International Partnerships for HKTI, the consortium of Indonesian farmers organizations.  Established in 1979, HKTI has over 50,000 members, with more than 40 offices across Indonesia. A native of the Banda Islands, Ms. Alwi is also the Founder and Chairperson of the Banda Cultural and Heritage Foundation ... More>> 

Naiyer Imam, MD

Dr. Naiyer Imam is the Chairman and President of American Medical Initiatives, LLC (dba First Medicine,, an international telemedicine corporation. He previously served as Chairman and CEO of Advanced Medical Imaging, LLC, a new-generation teleradiology corporation that he co-founded in 2009. He has previously served as medical director for the publicly traded corporation, NightHawk Radiology Services and was the Chairman and founder of American Teleradiology Nighthawks (ATN), one of the premier pioneering teleradiology companies that have reshaped the field of radiology ... More>>

David Jin, PhD

Dr. David Jin is the Executive Director and Chief Technology Officer of Shanghai Grand Renewable Energy Ltd., of Shanghai ( Dr. Jin has over 20 years of working experience in the areas of solar energy, energy saving and new materials development. He has worked at Applied Materials Inc. in Silicon Valley as an engineer. Dr. Jin has worked in innovative new energy companies as project manager and division manager ... More>>

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