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SeaSpire's Principals are privileged to actively engage with an exceptionally seasoned group of senior advisors and special representatives. It is a global group. We are immensely strengthened by their involvement in specific situations, geographies and industries.   


William Lawton  //  Gregory Dyra  //  Michael Cannon  //  Gunay Aliyeva

Tanya Marinka Des Alwi  //  Naiyer Imam, MD  //  David Jin, PhD  //  Wesley Poff


Wesley Poff, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, PPB Engineering 

Wesley Poff is recognized as one of the foremost experts in preform manufacturing in the world. He is the Founder and CEO of PPB Engineering, a leading manufacturer of preform glass manufacturing machines headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia.

Mr. Poff began his career at ALCATEL, in the same facility as Dr. Charles Kao, the “father of optical fiber,” where some of the very first glass optical fibers were made. Among his numerous contributions at ALCATEL, Mr. Poff implemented the clean room environment for preform manufacturing; developed a low water peak fiber process and implemented many process improvements such as increasing preform size, reducing attenuation, increasing volume and improving quality and efficiency.

Following his work at ALCATEL, Mr. Poff founded PPB Engineering, a leading consulting firm and manufacturer of preform glass manufacturing equipment. At PPB, he has designed and built world class PCVD machines; designed and built MCVD machine specifically for specialty optical fiber; designed and built Offline Collapse Machines; and designed and build leading VAD/OVD machines with cutting edge features such as clean and environmentally safe processes. Mr. Poff has direct experience working with technologies originally developed by some of the leading companies in the field, such as Corning, Alcatel, Drake, Prysmian, Sumitomo and Hitachi cable. He has also designed the High Deposition Rate OVD Machine; designed the Scanner Furnace; and developed OMCTS (D4) process for OVD.

Mr. Poff is recognized as a leader in the industry. He has presented papers at the Optical Fiber Communications Conference (OFC) on next generation preform manufacturing equipment and technology and next generation optical fiber drawing equipment and technology.

Mr. Poff earned a B.A. in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Military Institute and an MBA from Virginia Polytechnic Institute. He is a licensed engineer in the state of Virginia. He is also a Six Sigma Black Belt. 

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