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SeaSpire's Principals are privileged to actively engage with an exceptionally seasoned group of senior advisors and special representatives. It is a global group. We are immensely strengthened by their involvement in specific situations, geographies and industries.   


William Lawton  //  Gregory Dyra  //  Michael Cannon  //  Gunay Aliyeva

Tanya Marinka Des Alwi  //  Naiyer Imam, MD  //  David Jin, PhD  //  Wesley Poff  


Gunay Aliyeva

Gunay Aliyeva advises the SeaSpire team in global project development and management in the healthcare, agriculture, and energy sectors. She has a diverse background in international business development and generalist project management. 

In 2011, Ms. Aliyeva joined New Generation Power, LLC (“NGP”) a company that develops and manages global renewable energy projects with leading industry partners including Eaton Corporation, Jones Lang LaSalle, Lockheed Martin, Martifer Group, and Talesun Solar. She is currently building relationships and managing business negotiations and transactions between NGP and various Eastern European and Central Asian countries. More recently she has taken on a consulting role in a premier telemedicine provider of medical services in radiology, ICU and psychiatry as well as software as a service, successfully reorienting the company for future growth.

Ms. Aliyeva has led cross-border trade and Foreign Direct Investment transactions between the US and Eastern European, Southeastern European and Central Asian governments, private companies and family offices.

Ms. Aliyeva holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Roosevelt University in Chicago. She is fluent in Russian, Turkish and Azerbaijani.


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