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Mark Nichols

Mark Nichols brings to SeaSpire Advisors over twenty years of experience in both the public and private sectors.  He is a leader in business development and specializes in emerging markets.  

Mr. Nichols began his career working in the Clinton Administration where he served in a variety of capacities dealing with both policy and communications at the White House, the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).   Subsequently, he served as Vice President and Treasurer of General Wesley K. Clark’s 2004 Presidential campaign and as a Principal at the consulting firm of Wesley K. Clark & Associates.  

At the U.S. State Department, Mr. Nichols served as Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs.  He oversaw the reconstruction of the Balkans following the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo, working closely with the European Commission and key U.S. allies to develop priorities for the region. Earlier, at USAID, Mr. Nichols managed humanitarian assistance programs in the Caucasus and Central Asia and worked for extended periods at U.S. Embassies in the region.

During his tenure at Wesley K. Clark and Associates, Mr. Nichols worked on a variety of projects in the energy, defense and security sectors. His responsibilities included managing a commodities trading platform; arranging financing for energy and mining projects in Eastern Europe; and working with NATO Special Operations Forces to improve interoperability communications systems in Afghanistan.

Mr. Nichols earned a BA in European History from Bard College and graduated from Columbia University with a Master’s in International Affairs.   He is fluent in French and proficient in Russian.

An active triathlete and mountain climber, he lives in Washington DC.

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