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Serving as a Manager, Advisor and Financier, with a unique and close-knit network of partners, SeaSpire provides its clients with access, intelligence and creative resources from long-standing, trusted relationships around the world.  Our network includes single family offices, specialty private capital firms, wealth management companies and key government relationships globally.

We have over 80 collective years of intelligence, knowledge and experience in direct investment management or advisory to family offices, institutional funds, startup and venture capital, global trade/finance, and public/private partnerships. 

We spend our resources to develop projects that have a positive social impact, primarily in the areas of renewable energy and sustainability.  

SeaSpire may serve as an operations manager, advisor or co-advisor.  For investment projects, we work on a retainer basis or as an equity partner. We prefer to develop long-term relationships that continue beyond any single project. Value-added operational involvement is a necessary prerequisite for financial involvement in any specific situation.

Examples of our work ...

  • Successfully completed a major project, partly funded by the US Trade Development Agency (USTDA), to provide a bankable feasibility study on the production of biomethane and other valorized products from animal manure from one of the largest aggregation of cattle farms in South Asia.

  • Developing a program of solar power plants in Illinois of between 1MW and 25MW size, for a total size of just under 100MW, across Utility Scale Solar, Community Solar, C&I Solar, including all development, building the entire capital structure of each power plant 

  • Co-developed a 300 MW wind and solar project in South Asia

  • Co-developed a government sponsored 100 MW solar project in West Africa
  • Designed a commercial plant to convert 500 metric tons daily of Municipal Solid Waste into natural gas and fertilizer

  • Designed a major agribusiness program to produce bioethylene in Africa

  • Launched a global telemedicine company

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