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Health and nutrition are basic human needs. Technological advances and new processes are bringing growth and business creativity to healthcare and agribusiness.


In healthcare our primary focus is on the delivery of medical services.

Specifically, we work with companies and on projects that take the best of US and western medicine, and offer it to parts of the world where it can improve lives while strengthening local healthcare systems. Such work can be both socially and financially rewarding.


Recent examples include our partnership with First Medicine ( First Medicine uses telemedicine to take US and western medicine overseas, where allowed by local regulation, thereby improving medical diagnostic care available in selected cities world-wide. Physicians in the US and western countries interacting with patients overseas, using latest telemetry, communications and software to efficiency deliver health care through telemedicine.


Another ongoing effort is taking highly effective, proven model of US outpatient cancer care centers overseas where such care delivery channels can revolutionize locally available cancer treatment.


In agribusiness we are engaged in work that fits with our environmentally conscious theme. Whether it is working to build biodegradable plastics manufacturing from crops that are edible as well, with a small environmental footprint, to agricultural storage and collateral management, we bring the strengths of our global network to help programs succeed.

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